Casino Bonuses

Many online casinos offer significant bonuses to get new players to sign up. These welcome bonuses can look very attractive. They may offer you $100, $200 or even $500 bonus cash when you sign up and make a deposit. Be careful to understand the rules, though, before you deposit any real money. There are rules that will determine how easy or hard it is to cash out that bonus money, and if you’re not careful, other rules could cause you to lose the bonus altogether.  Here are some tips on casino bonuses.

Terms and conditions

Every casino bonus offer will have some terms and conditions attached to it, but these will usually not be very prominently listed on the offer. You may need to look around the site in order to find them, often under an inconspicuous link. It is critical to find this information and have a thorough, clear understanding of the rules before you deposit any money.

Rollover requirements

In order to clear a bonus so that you can cash out that money, you need to play a certain amount at the casino. Typically the requirements for this are stated as a rollover. If you have a 20x rollover, that means you need to play through 20 times that much money in bets in order to clear the bonus. This might be calculated on the bonus amount alone, or on the bonus + your deposit amount. For instance, if you deposit $100 and get $100 bonus money, your rollover could be 20x the $200 total, meaning you would need to play $4,000.

Game restrictions

Not all games will count towards your rollover requirements, and those that do may have different percentages. For example, slot play usually counts 100% towards your rollover requirements, but roulette may give you only 60%. Games like blackjack may not count at all.  In some cases, even a single bet on a particular game (like blackjack) could cause you to lose your bonus altogether.